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What is a Pincode?

Postal Index Number or PIN or Pincode is the numbering of the post office or post code system used by India Post. In India, the Pin-code is 6 digits long. First digit means region, second the sub-region, third the sorting district, and last three represent the post office code. India has a total of nine PIN zones.

Ongole Pincode / Post Office Search (PRAKASAM, Andhra Pradesh)

Addanki Gate S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Addanki S.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Alavalapadu B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Alluru B.O 523286OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ammanabrolu S.O 523180OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Anamanamuru B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ananthavaram B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Annangi B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Arikatlavaripalem B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
B.Machavaram B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Baitamanjuluru B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ballikurva B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Bandlamudi B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Basavannapalem B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Bhagavanrajupalem B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Bhusarapalli B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Bobbepalli B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Bodduvaripalem B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Bollapalli B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Bollavarappadu B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Bommnampadu B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Brahmananidamanuru B.O 523183OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chadalavada B.O 523183OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chakrayapalem B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chandrapadu B.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chavatapalem B.O 523180OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chekurapadu B.O 523262OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chennupalli B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chervanuppalapadu B.O 523180OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chilamkur B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chimakurty S.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chimmiribanda B.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chinakothapalli B.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Chinaravipadu B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Daivalaravuru B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Darsiagraharam B.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Dasarajupalli B.O 523182OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Dcp(O) S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Degaramudi B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Devarampadu B.O 523182OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Dharmavaram B.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Dhenuvakonda B.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Doddavaram B.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Doddavarappadu B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Duddukur B.O 523186OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Eastgangavaram B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Edumudi B.O 523186OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Elchuru B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Enikapadu B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ethamukkala S.O 523280OngoleAndhra Pradesh
G.L.Puram B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Gangavaram B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Gannavaram B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Garlapadu B.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ghadiyapudi B.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Gonugunta B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Gopala Nagar (O) S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Gullapalli B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Gummalampadu B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Guntupalli B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Guravareddipalem B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Hanumapuram B.O 523183OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ilapavuluru B.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Inamanamelluru B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Janakavaram B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Jonnatali B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
K.Thakkellapadu B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kalavakur B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kamepalli B.O 523302OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kandlagunta B.O 523183OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kanuparthi B.O 523180OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Karavadi S.O 523182OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kasyapuram B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Khambampadu B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kolalapudi B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kommalapadu S.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Komminenivaripalem B.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Konanki B.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kondamanjulur B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kondamuru B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Konidena B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kopparam B.O 523302OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kopperapadu B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kopperapadu B.O 523213OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kopperapalem B.O 523302OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Koppole B.O 523286OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Korisapadu B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Korrapativaripalem B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kotapadu B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kothapatnam S.O 523286OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kotikalapudi B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kukutlapalli B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kunamnenivaripalem B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kunduru B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kunkupadu B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Kurnool Road (O) S.O 523002OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Lakkavaram B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Lawyer Pet (O) S.O 523002OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Lingamgunta B.O 523262OngoleAndhra Pradesh
M.M.Donka (O) S.O 523002OngoleAndhra Pradesh
M.M.T. Road S.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Madanur B.O 523280OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Maddipadu S.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Maddiralapadu B.O 523262OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Maddulur B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Madhavaram B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Mailavaram B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Mainampadu B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Makkenavaripalem B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Makkenavaripalem B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Mallavaram B.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Mallayapalem B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Manchikalapadu B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Manduvavaripalem B.O 523262OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Mangamuru B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Mannepalli B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Marella B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Marturu S.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Minnekallu B.O 523302OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Modepalli B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Motumala B.O 523286OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Muktheswaram B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Mukthinuthalapadu B.O 523262OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Muppavaram S.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
N.G.Padu S.O 523183OngoleAndhra Pradesh
N.S.C Colony (O) S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Nagambotlavaripalem B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Nagarajupalli B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Nagulapadu B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Nekunambadu B.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Nelaturu B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Nuzellpalli B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ongole Bazar S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ongole H.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Padarthi B.O 523286OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Paidipadu B.O 523213OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pallamalli B.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Panakalapalem B.O 523182OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pangulur B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Paritalavaripalem B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pathamagulur B.O 523302OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pedaambadipudi B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pedaganjam B.O 523186OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pedakothapalli B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pedjangalapalli B.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pernamitta B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pidathalagudipadu B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pitchikalagudipadu B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pothavaram B.O 523183OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Prakasam Bhavan S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Prasangulapadu B.O 523183OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Pulikonda B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Purimetla B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
R.L.Puram B.O 523226OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Rachapudi B.O 523186OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Rachavaripalem B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Rajanagaram B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Rajugaripalem B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Rajupalem B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Rajupalem B.O 523280OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ramkur B.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ramnagar(O) S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Raparala B.O 523180OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ravinuthala S.O 523213OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Reningavaram B.O 523261OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Rudravaram B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
S.L. Gudipadu B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Sankavarappadu B.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Santhamagulur S.O 523302OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Santhanuthalapadu S.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Santhapeta (O) S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Seetharamapuram (O) S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Sivarampuram B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Sunkaravaripalem B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Surepalli B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Tallur S.O (Prakasam) 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Tangedumalli B.O 523302OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Tellapadu S.O 523263OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Thammavaram B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Thimmana Palem B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Thimmayapalem B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Throvagunta S.O 523262OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Thurupupalem S.O 523001OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Turakapalem B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Ulichi B.O 523182OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Uppalapadu B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Uppugundur S.O 523186OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Uppumagulur B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Vaidena B.O 523303OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Valaparla S.O 523260OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Velamuripadu B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Vellalacheruvu B.O 523302OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Vellampalli B.O 523211OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Vemavaramagraharam B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Vemparala B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Venkatapuram B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Vinjanampadu B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Vittalapuram B.O 523264OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Y.Laxmipuram B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Yanamadala B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Yeddanapudi B.O 523301OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Yedugundlapadu B.O 523262OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Yendluru B.O 523225OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Yerrapalem B.O 523212OngoleAndhra Pradesh
Zammalamadaka B.O 523201OngoleAndhra Pradesh